Endless Possibilities with VTC CRM

Grow sales, improve marketing, and deliver great customer service
with the all-in-one CRM that grows with your business


Work smarter and engage customers more effectively across the entire customer life cycle


Enhance your sales process and be more flexible with all Connectors and all opportunity functionalities.

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VTC closes the gap between sales and marketing. Create campaigns across multiple channels with the Campaign Wizard.

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Manage incoming supportmail, analyze reported bugs, solve customer issues and generate FAQ’s as required.

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You can generate marketing analysis reports, revenue forecasts, ticket reports and other meaningful reports.

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Work smarter and engage customers more effectively across the entire customer life cycle

What Our Customers Are Saying

“VTC CRM helps our business find and focus more on the high value leads that we can actually win, then gives us data and numbers that help us see which of the strategies that we employ are working best.”

Miram Panoharan

Founder and Managing Director, Pontus

“We are now significantly ahead in sales compared to last year… Our sales teams are better supported, more organized and their productivity has improved some 25%. With our growing opportunity pipeline the future is very positive.”

Joe Miller

Marketing Manager, Bestway

“Our team has a different way of working with data, and VTC CRM enables us to customize the CRM to reflect that preferred way of working, enabling us to reach many more customers per day”

Bradley Preston

Founder, Global Interests

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, that customer relationship management, and refers to a strategy for the systematic design of all relationships and interactions with your company’s existing and potential customers. The aim is to better assess the needs of customers and thus strengthen their commitment to your business. An object, then, when the focus is on people. And through the scope and the fast pace of modern everyday business task can be a major challenge quickly. Fortunately technology solutions can help here. A powerful CRM system not only simplifies the design of the customer relationship, it supports lead generation and allows revenue increases and improvements in customer service.

A CRM solution ensures that your employees all the necessary information available to the sales and customer service to succeed. Using CRM to routine tasks in sales, service and marketing can be automated, so that the respective teams have more time to generate leads and to achieve qualifications. A good CRM system such as Salesforce delivers the right information at the right time: Whether it comes to developing an opportunity or follow-up with a process in customer service, your employees always have the necessary foundations to successfully sell and customer satisfaction to increase.

The cloud-based CRM solution VTC CRM is provided on a “software as a service” (SaaS) and provides over conventional CRM software several advantages. To nullify high set-up costs and software maintenance. On the other hand, employees have anywhere, anytime and from any device access to current, reliable data, because the solution in the cloud will be provided. Therefore CRM with Salesforce the ideal solution for small and large companies.

Would you like to further inform or register for the 30-day free trial of the VTC CRM solution from Different Solutions Global, if you are willing to use VTC CRM and scale your business:


CRM solutions for your business?

Your sales team has ambitious goals? With our CRM software from the cloud, it can even surpass. Our CRM solutions for small businesses keep up with the growth and dynamics of startups step, but maintain enterprise functionality without compromise. To benefit from individual dashboards, comprehensive customer profiles, intuitive instant reports and tools for tracking and maintaining leads – on any device, at any time.

But CRM is not just a matter of distribution. It also works well in marketing. Together with the Marketing and the Sales features is a real powerhouse of delivering quality leads: to maintain Then it’s just up to you to concentrate on the most promising Opportunities and the other up to their maturity. With the pure cloud-based solutions your teams to collaborate effectively. Time and location are no longer important, because they are real-time data from the whole company, from which they can win promising findings.

Since the customer information is provided through a single view, and the customer service team can use it. Depending on the requirements of your business can be the VTC CRM used as a CRM system for customer service. Employees see the previous interactions with the customer and can therefore conclude processes quickly to his satisfaction. And many customers processes can even do without your staff: thanks to the self-service customer-portal, which can be set up with the VTC CRM. As a result, employee productivity increases rapidly – and customer satisfaction as well. A better customer service also means better business!

The customer relationship management with Different Solutions Global is an advantage for all companies – especially in the sales, marketing and customer service. See for yourself:

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